Undergraduate Certificate: Spatial Social Sciences

The Spatial Social Sciences certificate brings together thoughts and approaches from different disciplines and teaches skills that enable students to identify and analyze societal and workplace challenges. This certificate program provides a foundation for careers in such fields as social services, health, analytics, government, non-profit and for-profit enterprises, teaching and environmental science.

Students will learn how to creatively approach problems using spatial thinking and cutting-edge technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Additionally, students master interdisciplinary critical thinking, problem-solving, policy analysis, and social science methodology skills needed to help solve complex social and environmental challenges.

All undergraduate degree-seeking students may add this certificate to their existing undergraduate degree program and may have the certificate noted on their official transcript. Students should consult their Advisor for guidance and further details.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the certificate program is granted to individuals who apply and meet the standards for Option One undergraduate admission to University of Massachusetts Global. Students enrolled in a credential program, graduate degree program, or graduate certificate program may not enroll concurrently in an undergraduate certificate program. Coursework requires a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA, with no course below a “C” or equivalent.  All courses required for this certificate must be taken at University of Massachusetts Global.

Required Courses:
SSCU 300Spatial Social Sciences Introduction: Policy and Action3
SOCU 301Social Research Design3
SSCU 303Social Scientific Perspectives on Media and Culture3
SSCU 380Interpreting Data: Predictions, Patterns, and Communication3
SSCU 383Spatial Social Sciences Communications and Visualization3
ESCU 401Environmental Science, Policy, and Management3
Total Credits18