Army Foundation/Air Force Training and Certificate Program Youth

This self-paced training program is designed to help adults who care for youth in after school programs learn how to plan and implement a developmentally appropriate program for youth in grades 6-12. Supervised work experience accompanies the module requirements.

Academic Credit Opportunity

Successful completion of this certificate program grants six (6) general academic credits.

EDGU 8117Youth Training Module 1 - Safe1
EDGU 8118Youth Training Module 2 - Healthy1
EDGU 8119Youth Training Module 3 - Program Settings1
EDGU 8120Youth Training Module 4 - Physical1
EDGU 8121Youth Training Module 5 - Education and Career Development1
EDGU 8122Youth Training Module 6 - Communication1
EDGU 8123Youth Training Module 7 - Creativity and the Arts1
EDGU 8124Youth Training Module 8 - Personal, Character and Leadership Development1
EDGU 8125Youth Training Module 9 - Social and Cultural1
EDGU 8126Youth Training Module 10 - Guidance and Human Relationships1
EDGU 8127Youth Training Module 11 - Families, School, and Communities1
EDGU 8128Youth Training Module 12 - Program Management1
EDGU 8129Youth Training Module 13 - Professionalism1
EDGU 8130Youth Training Module 14 - Programming1

Each Module is equivalent to 16 clock hours/1 PDUs

Certificate is equivalent to 224 clock hours/14 PDUs