Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

The B.A. in Liberal Studies is the undergraduate major of choice for the individual desiring to teach in an elementary classroom or for those students seeking a broad liberal studies education. The program has one emphasis, the Multiple Subject Teaching Emphasis which provides the undergraduate preparation needed for entry into post-baccalaureate Multiple Subject Credential Program. The B.A. in Liberal Studies program is administered jointly by the School of Arts & Sciences and the School of Education.

The Multiple Subjects Teaching Emphasis

The Multiple Subject Teaching Emphasis encompasses college instruction in the subjects that are commonly taught in California's elementary schools including courses in English/language arts, natural sciences, mathematics, visual and performing arts, history and social science, human development, physical education and health. Courses are aligned with subject matter requirements for multiple subject credential candidates and the Common Core State Standards. Candidates examine education from a variety of perspectives, explore child development as it relates to learning and teaching, and conduct applied research projects.

Under Assembly Bill (AB) 130, effective July 9, 2021, the B.A. in Liberal Studies program meets the multiple subject competence requirement for the state of California.

Program Mission Statement

The mission of the BA Liberal Studies program is to prepare subject matter experts who are critical curators of information, and are able to integrate theory, research and practice in education. The program empowers reflective practitioners who are passionate, innovative, and committed to teaching all learners in a variety of educational settings.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Educational Perspectives: Analyze the relationships between education, self, society and nature.
  • Child Development:  Apply theories of social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development to learning and teaching.
  • Research: Apply critical research skills to the analysis of complex issues within an educational setting.
  • Subject Matter Knowledge: Apply subject matter knowledge in an educational context.

All courses taken in the major program must be passed with a letter grade of "C" or higher.  Courses may be used to fulfill both major and general education requirements.

The Multiple Subjects Teaching Emphasis Program Requirements 

Education Foundations
LBSU 250Education and Society in the 21st Century3
EDUU 451Educational Application of Computers: Level I3
LBSU 403Liberal Studies Multiple Subjects Capstone3
Education Foundations Subtotal9
Subject Matter Courses
English/Language Arts:
ENGU 420Language Development and Acquisition3
ENGU 450Literature of Children and Young Adults3
Natural Sciences:
NSCU 302Life Science3
NSCU 304Earth and Physical Science3
MATU 206Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I3
MATU 207Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers II3
Visual & Performing Arts:
ARTU 450Creativity and the Visual Arts3
LBSU 310Music, Movement and Drama: The Human Expression3
History and Social Science:
HISU 358United States History and Democracy3
HISU 360World History and Geography3
HISU 372California History3
Child Development/Health and PE:
PSYU 323Child Development3
EDUU 350Teaching and Learning3
EDUU 413Student Health and Safety2
EDUU 414Physical Education for Elementary Teachers1
Subject Matter Courses Subtotal42
Total Credits51