California Teacher of English Learners (CTEL) leading to an English Learner (EL) Authorization

This program provides credentialed teachers or credential candidates with a CTC-designated authorization to serve limited English proficient students. The CTEL program follows all school of education graduate policies and procedures, including GPA and grade requirements. Up to 3 credits may be waived or transferred.  At least 9 credits must be taken at University of Massachusetts Global.

Please note that admissions requirements are different than those for other credentials and certificates.

Admissions Requirements

  1. Eligible candidates are those with an appropriate valid CTC designated credential: Possess a valid California teaching credential, Speech-Language Pathology or Clinical or Rehabilitative Services Credential with a Special Class Authorization, School Nurse Services Credential with a Special Teaching Authorization in Health, Visiting Faculty Permit, Children’s Center Permit (excluding emergency), or Child Development Permit (excluding Assistant and Associate Permits) that authorizes the holder to provide instruction to pupils.
  2. Eligibility questions can be directed to the Teacher Accreditation Department at 949-341-9899 or credentialalerts@umassglobal.edu.
  3. Questions regarding schedules, program requirements, and registration should be directed to the School of Extended Education by visiting their web site at https://www.umassglobal.edu/academic-programs/extended-education or by calling 800-632-0094.

Applicants must complete and submit the University of Massachusetts Global application and be enrolled into the California Teacher of English Learners (CTEL) program.

CTEL Requirements 

Required Course
EDUU 570Voice, Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice3
EDUU 526Theories in Language Structure and Acquisition3
EDUU 527English Language and Literacy Development3
EDUU 528Content-Based Instruction and Assessment for Linguistic Minority Students: SDAIE3
Total Credits12

Demonstration of Mastery

Candidates must submit a Portfolio of Evidence demonstrating abilities or competence in the courses and includes a reflective essay that applies course content to CTEL. A standardized assessment rubric will be used to determine that the candidate has demonstrated competency. Candidates submit the Demonstration of Mastery portfolio (DOM) through the Learning Management System (LMS).  A $150 fee is required for the Demonstration of Mastery evaluation. The DOM handbook containing requirements, scoring rubrics, and directions are located on the SOE Services MyUMassGlobal site.

Recommendation for Authorization

Upon successfully completing and passing the coursework and Demonstration of Mastery, the candidate may apply to be recommended to the CTC for the authorization. Eligible candidates are those with an appropriate active CTC designated credential. Out of state prepared teacher credential candidates may also be required to provide verification of basic skills to be eligible for a recommendation.   To apply for the authorization, candidates complete the Recommendation Form on the SOE Services MyUMassGlobal site. Once the recommendation is made by the Teacher Accreditation Department (TAD) candidates can submit the credential fee to the CTC for the credential.