Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Elementary Education with 2042 Multiple Subject Credential with an English Learner Authorization

Introductory Courses
EDUU 510Introduction to Teaching3
EDUU 511Collaboration For Inclusive Schooling3
EDUU 512The Art & Craft of Teaching3
Content Area Courses
EDMU 520Literacy and Language in K-8 Classrooms I3
Candidates may be intern eligible after taking the above 4 courses
EDMU 521Literacy and Language in K-8 Classrooms II3
EDMU 523History, Social Science and Visual/Performing Arts in K-8 Classrooms3
EDMU 524Teaching and Learning Mathematics in K-8 Classrooms3
EDMU 525Teaching and Learning Science in K-8 Classrooms3
MAT Core Courses
EDUU 681Cultural Diversity, Equity, & Global Perspectives in Education3
EDUU 682Paradigms, Practices, and Policies in Education3
EDUU 683Capstone: Exploring Problems of Practice in Education3
Clinical Practice Options: Student Teaching or Internship
Student Teaching
EDMU 563Initial Student Teaching- Multiple Subject4.5
EDMU 564Final Student Teaching-Multiple Subject4.5
EDMU 561Initial Intern Clinical Practice- Multiple Subject4.5
EDMU 562Final Intern Clinical Practice-Multiple Subject4.5
*Additional Internship Requirements
EDUU 588Intern Continued Supervision *0
Total Credits42

*Interns that have completed Initial and Final Clinical Practice but have not satisfied all requirements for the credential must be continuously enrolled in EDUU 588 Intern Continued Supervision, and maintain a 3.0 GPA until requirements are completed. EDUU 588 is a 0-credit course which requires a $250 fee for each session a candidate is enrolled in.

Interns enrolled in EDUU 588 who complete their program requirements are encouraged to apply for the preliminary teacher credential as soon as they fulfill all requirements. Candidates do not need to wait until the end of EDUU 588 to start the application process.