2042 Single Subject Credential Program with an English Learner Authorization

The California 2042 Single Subject Credential with English Learner Authorization program prepares individuals to teach a specific subject, such as math or English, in a departmentalized (K-12) classroom. This credential allows the holder to teach English language learners and is typically required of those who teach at the middle school or high school level. Credential courses and fieldwork experiences are aligned with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) Teaching Performance Expectations and reflect current research in education and best practices. Candidates utilize California Common Core Standards and other California content standards to design engaging lessons and develop skills in planning and differentiating instruction, classroom management, and assessment. The program embraces pedagogy surrounding cultural diversity, equity, social-emotional learning and innovation.  

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Teaching and Learning: Reflect upon and apply learning theories and the UDL Framework to enhance teaching and learning
  • Assessment & Data: Utilize a variety of assessments and synthesize data to differentiate instruction.
  • Curriculum & Instruction: Align curriculum and technology to meet the diverse needs of students.
  • Equity & Diversity: Analyze the social, political, and economic lives of historically marginalized people in the United States and globally as it relates to education.
  • Clinical Practice: Reflect on teaching practice and integrate pedagogical knowledge and skills to ensure professional development.
Introductory Courses
EDUU 510Introduction to Teaching3
EDUU 511Collaboration For Inclusive Schooling3
EDUU 512The Art & Craft of Teaching3
Content Area Courses
EDSU 532Effective Literacy Instruction for Single Subject Candidates3
Candidates may be intern eligible after taking the above 4 courses
EDSU 530Theories, Methods, and Materials for Teaching English Learners3
EDSU 531Secondary Instructional Strategies for Language/Culturally Diverse Classrooms3
EDSU 534Preparing 21st Century Learners: A Collaborative and Integrated Approach3
Single Subject Candidates will choose one of the EDSU 533 Content Specific Strategies for Single Subjects series below:
EDSU 533-AEffective English/Language Arts Instruction for Single Subject Candidates3
EDSU 533-BEffective Instruction in Languages Other Than English for Single Subject Candidates3
EDSU 533-CEffective Mathematics Instruction for Single Subject Candidates3
EDSU 533-DEffective History/Social Science Instruction for Single Subject Candidates3
EDSU 533-EEffective Health Science and Physical Education Instruction for Single Subject Candidates3
EDSU 533-FEffective Science Instruction for Single Subject Candidates3
EDSU 533-HEffective Music and Visual Arts Instruction for Single Subject Candidates3
Clinical Practice Options: Student Teaching or Internship
Student Teaching
Candidates select one from the EDSU 563 Single Subject series below:
EDSU 563-AInitial Student Teaching- Single Subject English4.5
EDSU 563-BInitial Student Teaching- Single Subject World Languages4.5
EDSU 563-CInitial Student Teaching- Single Subject Math4.5
EDSU 563-DInitial Student Teaching- Single Subject History SS4.5
EDSU 563-EInitial Student Teaching- Single Subject PE/Health4.5
EDSU 563-FInitial Student Teaching- Single Subject Science4.5
EDSU 563-HInitial Student Teaching- Single Subject Music/Arts4.5
Candidates select one from the EDSU 564 Single Subject series below:
EDSU 564-AFinal Student Teaching-Single Subject English4.5
EDSU 564-BFinal Student Teaching-Single Subject World Languages4.5
EDSU 564-CFinal Student Teaching-Single Subject Math4.5
EDSU 564-DFinal Student Teaching-Single Subject History SS4.5
EDSU 564-EFinal Student Teaching-Single Subject PE/Health4.5
EDSU 564-FFinal Student Teaching-Single Subject Science4.5
EDSU 564-HFinal Student Teaching-Single Subject Music/Arts4.5
Candidates select one from the EDSU 561 Single Subject series below:
EDSU 561-AInitial Intern Clinical Practice- Single Subject English4.5
EDSU 561-BInitial Intern Clinical Practice- Single Subject World Languages4.5
EDSU 561-CInitial Intern Clinical Practice- Single Subject Math4.5
EDSU 561-DInitial Intern Clinical Practice- Single Subject History SS4.5
EDSU 561-EInitial Intern Clinical Practice- Single Subject PE/Health4.5
EDSU 561-FInitial Intern Clinical Practice- Single Subject Science4.5
EDSU 561-HInitial Intern Clinical Practice- Single Subject Music/Art4.5
Candidates select one from the EDSU 562 Single Subject series below:
EDSU 562-AFinal Intern Clinical Practice-Single Subject English4.5
EDSU 562-BFinal Intern Clinical Practice-Single Subject World Languages4.5
EDSU 562-CFinal Intern Clinical Practice-Single Subject Math4.5
EDSU 562-DFinal Intern Clinical Practice-Single Subject History SS4.5
EDSU 562-EFinal Intern Clinical Practice-Single Subject PE/Health4.5
EDSU 562-FFinal Intern Clinical Practice-Single Subject Science4.5
EDSU 562-HFinal Intern Clinical Practice-Single Subject Music/Arts4.5
*Additional Internship Requirements
EDUU 588Intern Continued Supervision *0
Total Credits33

*Interns that have completed Initial and Final Clinical Practice but have not satisfied all requirements for the credential must be continuously enrolled in EDUU 588 Intern Continued Supervision, and maintain a 3.0 GPA until requirements are completed. EDUU 588 is a 0-credit course which requires a $250 fee for each session a candidate is enrolled in.

Interns enrolled in EDUU 588 who complete their program requirements are encouraged to apply for the preliminary teacher credential as soon as they fulfill all requirements. Candidates do not need to wait until the end of EDUU 588 to start the application process.