Army Foundation/Air Force Training and Certificate Program Infant, Toddler/Preschool

This Infant, Toddler/Preschool training program includes thirteen courses aligned with the thirteen Child Development Associate (CDA) competency standards defined by the Council for Professional Recognition in Washington, DC. Supervised work experience accompanies the module requirements.

Academic Credit Opportunity

Successful completion of this certificate program grants three (3) general academic credits.

EDGU 8061Infant-Toddler Preschool Module 1 - Safe1
EDGU 8062Infant-Toddler Preschool Module 2 - Healthy1
EDGU 8063Infant-Toddler Preschool Module 3 - Learning Environments1
EDGU 8064Infant-Toddler Preschool Module 4 - Physical1
EDGU 8065Infant-Toddler Preschool Module 5 - Cognitive1
EDGU 8066Infant-Toddler Preschool Module 6 - Communication1
EDGU 8067Infant-Toddler Preschool Module 7 - Creative1
EDGU 8068Infant-Toddler Preschool Module 8 - Self1
EDGU 8069Infant-Toddler Preschool Module 9 - Social1
EDGU 8070Infant-Toddler Preschool Module 10 - Guidance1
EDGU 8071Infant-Toddler Preschool Module 11 - Families1
EDGU 8072Infant-Toddler Preschool Module 12 - Program Management1
EDGU 8073Infant-Toddler Preschool Module 13 - Professionalism1

Each module is equivalent to 16 clock hours/1PDUs

Certificate is equivalent to 208 clock hours/13 PDUs