Art (ARTU)

ARTU 261 Renaissance to Modern Art

Surveys the monuments, movements, and artists of Western art from the Renaissance to the 20th century. Introduces the student to the ideas and issues which have characterized much of Western art for the past seven centuries and examines them in relation to the religious, social, political, and intellectual milieu that produced them. References and comparisons with the parallel cultures of Asia, Oceania, Africa, and the ancient Americas will be made whenever appropriate. 3 credits.

ARTU 322 Artistic Imagery and Storytelling

The right image has the rhetorical power to persuade and tell stories more effectively than words alone. The purpose of this course is to address image-making including inception, creation and interpretation. Students will gain a higher level of visual literacy as they analyze paintings, posters, monuments, photography and film. Additionally, students will produce their own image-based project useful in many areas including business, politics, arts and/or education. (Not offered in 2023-24.) 3 credits.

ARTU 329 Experimental Topics in Art

An examination of selected topics in art relevant to evolving areas of importance to the field. Syllabi must be approved by the Dean and announced to the Curriculum and Academic Committee prior to being offered. May be repeated for credit provided the course content is different. 3 credits.

ARTU 450 Creativity and the Visual Arts

This course examines the visual arts as an essential means of communication and creative expression. Students create art demonstrating the elements and principles of the visual arts using a variety of artistic media. Students experience the process of creative practice: imagination, investigation, construction, and reflection. The focus is on developing artistic literacy and competence in creating, producing, and responding to visual arts. Brain-based learning theories and developmental stages in the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains are analyzed and applied to arts education. Students explore visual arts in culture and history, make connections between the visual arts and other academic disciplines, and design engaging art activities for children. 3 credits.

ARTU 464 Women in Art

An exploration of portrayals of women by both female and male artists. The primary focus is women as makers, subjects and muses of painting, sculpture and photography. 3 credits.

ARTU 499 Independent Study

Prerequisites: Instructor's approval and approval of petition.

Directed reading and/or research designed to meet the specific needs of superior upper-division students. 1-3 credits.