Philosophy (PHLU)

PHLU 104 Introduction to Ethics

This course surveys questions and issues that arise in the field of ethics, along with the moral theories that address them. Students will reflect upon consequential, duty-based, virtue-based, and care-based theories of morality. They will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of these theories independently and as they apply to contemporary moral problems, such as abortion, torture, the death penalty, euthanasia, sexual morality, drug policy, and animal rights. Students will not only become familiar with the field of ethics, but they will also sharpen their abilities to think critically about complex moral issues, while forming responses and critiquing ethical positions from their own perspectives. 3 credits.

PHLU 304 Multicultural Ethics

An inquiry into the promises and perils of a multicultural society. Main topics include ethical theory from international perspectives, the nature of prejudice, and the culture wars. 3 credits.

PHLU 329 Experimental Topics in Philosophy

An examination of selected topics in philosophy relevant to evolving areas of importance to the field. Syllabi must be approved by the Dean and announced to the Curriculum and Academic Committee prior to being offered. May be repeated for credit provided the course content is different. 3 credits.

PHLU 499 Independent Study

Prerequisites: Instructor's approval and approval of petition.

Directed reading and/or research designed to meet specific needs of superior upper division students. 1-3 credits.