Curriculum & Instruction (EDCI)

EDCI 631 Differentiated Instruction in Multicultural and Multi-Ability Classrooms

Prerequisite: EDUU 600.

This course is designed to provide candidates with an understanding of differentiated instruction and a strong rationale for its implementation. While teaching methodology will be a focal point of this course, it will be situated within the broader discourse of social and intellectual conditions defining teaching and learning in the new millennium that have advanced the need for differentiated instruction. Candidates will explore the diverse needs of students and determine the best strategies to differentiate by learning style, language proficiency, special needs, cultural influences, gender, physical and psychological development. Practical applications of professional collaboration, classroom management skills, assessment strategies and instructional planning within a differentiated instructional environment will be introduced and practiced. 3 credits.

EDCI 633 Instructional Leadership for Practitioners

Prerequisites: EDUU 600, EDCI 631.

This course is an interactive examination of the theoretical and practical aspects of leadership for educational practitioners. Content focuses on a facilitated exploration of the knowledge, skill, and understanding necessary to be an effective practitioner instructional leader. Through examination, investigation and direct application of various theories of leadership correlating to the rights, roles, and responsibilities of educators today, candidates will craft a personal 21st Century Practitioner Instructional Leadership Action Plan. This plan will illuminate how the application of effective instructional leadership can create opportunities for positive, transformational change in their schools, districts, and beyond. 3 credits.

EDCI 634 Issues and Trends in Contemporary Curriculum: Expertise Paper Development

Prerequisites: All MAE core courses, and EDCI 633.

This culminating class focuses on a study of current issues surrounding curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Research across a wide spectrum of opinions and perspectives is examined in order to prepare the learner to develop an area of expertise relating to one particular contemporary issue in education today. 3 credits.