Political Science (POSU)

POSU 110 Introduction to American Politics

Students master the basic concepts and analytical methods used by political scientists in their attempts to address these questions: What are the fundamental components of the national government of the United States? How do they transform citizen opinion, interest group pressures, and economic imperatives into social policy? This course satisfies the State of California Credential requirement in American History and Government. 3 credits.

POSU 329 Experimental Topics in Political Science

An examination of selected topics in Political Science relevant to evolving areas in the field. Syllabi must be approved by the Dean and announced to the Curriculum and Academic Committee prior to being offered. May be repeated for credit provided that the course content is different each time. 3 credits.

POSU 499 Independent Study

Prerequisites: Instructor's approval and approval of petition.

Directed reading and/or research designed to meet specific needs of superior upper-division students. 1-3 credits.