Environmental Sciences (ESCU)

ESCU 101 Introduction to Environmental Science

An introduction to the causes of environmental problems as well as strategies for potential solutions from both a natural science and a social science perspective. Scientific understanding of the environment is emphasized. The course gives an overview of major environmental problems and scientific principles, with a focus on managing environmental problems and important natural resources. 3 credits.

ESCU 329 Experimental Topics in the Physical Sciences

An examination of selected topics in the physical sciences relevant to evolving areas of importance to the field. Syllabi must be approved by the Dean and announced to the Curriculum and Academic Committee prior to being offered. May be repeated for credit provided the course content is different. 3 credits.

ESCU 401 Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

This course examines environmental science principles and policies that impact society and the management of the surrounding physical environment. Students will apply environmental and scientific literacy to the analysis of real-world problems. Specific topics include ecology, water resources, energy, pollution, biodiversity, food, and access to resources.(Not offered in 2023-24.) 3 credits.