Finance (FINU)

FINU 305 Business Finance

Prerequisites: MATU 203.

The central focus of this course is on the role of financial management in maximizing the value of the company. The course begins with a discussion of basic concepts and tools, including accounting statements, interest rates, taxes, risk analysis, time value of money, and the basics of security valuation. Thereafter, we will learn how a manager can help maximize his/her firms'' value by improving decisions in such areas as working capital management, capital budgeting, and choice of capital structure. 3 credits.

FINU 410 International Finance

Prerequisite: FINU 305.

This course examines investment and financing instruments, markets, and tactics of international finance. Topics include international monetary systems and organizations, foreign exchange rate determination and exposure management decisions, international transaction and translation management, foreign direct investment, international financial markets, institutions and banking. Not offered 2024-2025. 3 credits.

FINU 417 Intermediate Financial Management

Prerequisite: FINU 305.

This course will examine the applications of financial theories and concepts including capital structure, capital budgeting, forecasting, working capital management, and lease/buy decisions. Analysis of firms will utilize the cash flow model, as well as exploring whether the company should undertake a capital budgeting project. 3 credits.

FINU 421 Investments

Prerequisite: FINU 305.

Students explore the simultaneous management of multiple securities, using statistical and other mathematical tools. Topics covered include: risk and return, allocation of risky assets, setting portfolio objectives and strategy, portfolio optimization, risk crafting, and portfolio performance evaluation. Through investment tools, projects, and readings, students will explore investment and portfolio theory and practice. 3 credits.

FINU 430 Financial Institutions

Prerequisite: FINU 305.

This is a basic finance course discussing various aspects of the U.S financial system, including consideration of monetary standards, the organization and functioning of both depository institutions and the Federal Reserve System. Issues related to the money supply, interest rates, and asset prices are emphasized. Recent banking conditions and trends in financial institutions are also emphasized. 3 credits.

FINU 607 Financial Management

Students will learn how firms make investment and financing decisions. The course topics include the time value of money, equity and debt financing, financial statement analysis, capital budgeting, risk and return, capital structure, dividend policy, and global finance. 3 credits.

FINU 610 Public Sector Finance

This course focuses on the economics of public sector budgeting and finance. The course includes analysis and practice of raising, financial reporting, management, and allocation of resources at the federal, state, and local levels of government. The use of maps and data analysis tools will be introduced to provide a more explicit and consistent experience. Not offered 2024-2025. 3 credits.

FINU 615 International Finance

Prerequisite: FINU 607.

Discussion of international monetary system; balance of payments concept; institutional and structure arrangements within the foreign exchange market; basic foreign exchange market products; importance of parity condition; exchange rate determination; Eurocurrency and Eurobond market; international equity market; foreign currency options and futures; hedging foreign exchanges exposure; international capital budgeting and working capital management; and cost of capital and capital structure in multinationals. 3 credits.

FINU 620 Investments

Prerequisite: FINU 607.

The course objective is to achieve an understanding of the various types of investments and their relative merits; security prices and yields; investment objectives, principles and standards for selection of specific investments; introduction to portfolio management. 3 credits.

FINU 630 Capital Markets

Prerequisite: FINU 607.

Study of the financial markets, instruments and the role of banks and other financial institutions in the economy. This course introduces tools to analyze the risks faced by investors and savers interacting with financial institutions and strategies to control and better manage these risks. 3 credits.